Welcome to Counselling Madrid.

Since 2008 we are devoted to the international community in Madrid. Expats, spouses, students and foreign professionals are the main users of our services. We are a private counselling practice abiding by the BACP Code of Ethics.

At Counselling Madrid we strive to provide you with easy access to qualified professional Counsellors, Psychologists & Coaches in Madrid. We provide both face-to-face and online counselling services.
Living and working abroad brings many challenges while support networks take time to develop. This explains why our Counselling & Coaching practice is run by qualified Counsellors, Therapists and Coaches who have lived abroad themselves. 
For those of you interested to explore the benefits of Group work, please go to GROUPS for more information.
Joseph Maussen (Adv. Diploma Therapeutic Counselling) has been living and working in countries like England, South - Africa, Brazil, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain. Soon after finishing his counselling studies in The Hague, The Netherlands, it became clear to him that expats, spouses and students benefit from counselling services in their native language while working with qualified counsellors who understand their culture. This is the main reason why Counselling Madrid only provides services to the international community.
The Counselling Channel
The Counselling Channel produces videos about self-help, counselling, psychotherapy and a range of other talking therapies. This channel is sponsored by CPCAB, the only UK awarding body run by counsellors for counsellors.

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Counselling Madrid

C/ Modesto Lafuente 12
28010 - Madrid

Metro Lines: Iglesia (1) | Alonso Cano (7) | Gregorio Marañoñ (7, 10)

C/ Del General Diaz Porlier 57
28006 - Madrid
Metro Lines: Diego de Leon (4, 5, 6) | Lista (4) | Nuñez de Balboa (5, 9)

C/ Breton de los Herreros
28003 - Madrid
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C/ Velázquez
28001 - Madrid
Metro lines: Velázquez (4) | Serrano (4) | Retiro (2) | Principe de Vergara (2, 9)

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