Hello and welcome to Counselling Madrid.
At Counselling Madrid we know that living and working abroad brings many challenges while support networks take time to develop. That´s why our therapists help you deal with a wide variety of issues.

The most common issues are:Anxiety, Avoidance & Procrastination, Bereavement, Chronic Worrying, Depression, Gender Identity Concerns, Grief & Loss, Guilt, Infidelity, Low Self-Esteem, Relationship Conflicts and Work Related Stress.
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Expats, Spouses, Teachers, Students & Foreign Professionals

Many books  have been written about expat life. About 2,000 different titles can be found on amazon.com alone.

They all seem to agree that living in a culture that is not your own while speaking a language that is not your native language means extra challenges on top of your agenda. That´s why you´ll find the professional and friendly counselors you are looking for at Counselling Madrid.

About Counselling Madrid

Counselling Madrid was founded in 2008 by Joseph Maussen. Before arriving to Madrid, Joseph lived in England (Canterbury and Leeds), South Africa (Cape Town), Brazil (Recife), Germany (Bremen) and The Netherlands (The Hague and Amsterdam).

After finishing his Counselling studies in The Hague it became clear to him that expats, spouses and students benefit from Counselling services in their native language while working with qualified Counsellors who understand their culture. This is the main reason why Counselling Madrid only provides services to the international community.

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Editors´ choice of the month - January 2018

Making Peace With Conflict
In the world of intimate relationships, conflict has a bad reputation. If you heard someone say, “I love conflict with my romantic partner!” you’d probably give them a baffled side-eye.

Conflict isn’t fun or delightful. It runs the gamut from mildly annoying to immensely distressing, and it can damage relationships. But is it intrinsically harmful?

Unfinished business - unresolved grief
Professor Robert Elliot of the University of Strathclyde discusses working with depression related to unmet needs focused on unresolved past relationship issues.

Talking about separation - preparing to tell the children
Telling your children that you’re separating can be the thing you most dread. You may fear your children’s reactions. It may also make your separation all the more real for you.

Every child and every family are different, so it’s important to take time to think about your own children and your own particular family situation before you do anything.

The Counselling Channel
The Counselling Channel produces videos about self-help, counselling, psychotherapy and a range of other talking therapies. This channel is sponsored by CPCAB, the only UK awarding body run by counsellors for counsellors.

Let's Wait Until After the Holidays
Fancily wrapped presents, mistletoe, family gatherings, luscious aromas wafting from the kitchen, Christmas trees, Menorahs, the ball dropping on Times Square, champagne—the stuff holidays are made of.
But for too many, holidays mark the beginning of the end of their marriages. Unhappy spouses often say, “Let’s just get through the holidays, and then we’ll divorce.” After all, no one wants to disappoint children or disrupt long-standing family traditions.

How to Handle People Who Make You Feel Inferior
There's a trick to keep people who make you feel inferior from getting their way.

Welcome to the Moodzone
Am I depressed? How can I feel less stressed? Why am I so anxious? Whatever you need to know about coping with stress, anxiety or depression, or just the normal emotional ups and downs of life, the NHS Choices Moodzone is here to help. It offers practical advice, interactive tools, videos and audio guides to help you feel mentally and emotionally better.

Confessions of a Smartphone Junkie
Protecting our “humanware” by changing our smartphone behavior.

Turn Off That Smartphone, Mom and Dad!

Young children are closely attuned to their parents’ attention. They depend on that attention for their survival, of course, but also for their social and emotional development. Several recent research studies show the damage parents can do when they’re physically present, but distracted and less responsive because they’re attending to their smartphones.

Clueless: Why is Anxiety Up for Teens and Young Adults?

Teens and young adults are showing sharp increases in anxiety and depression. Jean Twenge, author of iGen, has drawn a great deal of attention to these trends. Here, I describe her argument and then build on it to suggest that social cuelessness may be contributing to the problems.

The Expatriate's Roadmap to Successfully Moving Overseas: All You Need to Know About Living Abroad
Written by an American expat who lived in Italy and is still living in France, this book gives you the right questions to ask about moving abroad. Better yet, it also gives you the answers. Living in another country can be a wonderful experience, but it is also a daunting one. Avoid the pitfalls the author made by learning how to do the research, so you can make a great decision.

TED Talks - Happiness, The riddle of experience vs. memory | Daniel Kahneman
Using examples from vacations to colonoscopies, Nobel laureate and founder of behavioral economics Daniel Kahneman reveals how our "experiencing selves" and our "remembering selves" perceive happiness differently. This new insight has profound implications for economics, public policy -- and our own self-awareness.

Stop Saying "You Are Beautiful"
I believe the message is well intended. I understand that it’s a reaction to a culture that makes people (especially women) feel so ugly, so often. But as a psychologist and body image researcher, I also believe the ubiquitous “you are beautiful” message is misguided at best and harmful at worst.

Understanding Depression
Depression is a serious, but common, illness: One in 10 adults report experiencing depression, and the condition is the most common cause of disability in the United States.

Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships
"I highly recommend this book for those wanting to improve their marriage or any other form of long-term emotionally committed relationship." Joseph Maussen.

Team Members
Joseph Maussen
Joseph Maussen
Advanced Diploma Therapeutic Counseling - UK accreditation: CPCAB.

Joseph´s expertise covers Person Centered and CBT Counseling. He also helps couples improving their ability to speak from the heart about what really matters.
Born: The Netherlands.
Expat Experience: UK, South Africa, Germany, Spain.
Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, German.

Ver�nica Cocheteux del Castillo
Verónica Cocheteux del Castillo
B.A and M.A in Psychology.

Verónica´s expertise includes short, long and group therapy for Adults.
Verónica specializes in anxiety, trauma history, cultural adaptation and life crisis.
Expat Experience: Boston, USA.
Languages: Bilingual English & Spanish.

Amy Temple
Advanced Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy . PGDip/MA Intergrative Psychotherapy
UK Accredited with the UKCP.

Amy specializes in long and short term therapy covering family/relationship support, Autism and Special Needs. She also trained in ACT and ABA therapy.
Born: UK.
Expat experience: Spain.
Languages: English.

Julie Prince
Julie Prince
Msc , Col M18071. UKCP and EAP registered Psychotherapist.

Julie´s expertise covers short & long term therapy for individuals and couples. She is also active as a group therapist and provides courses to stop smoking.
Born: England.
Expat Experience: Spain.
Languages: English & Spanish.

At Counselling Madrid we periodically invite clients to say something about the Counselling service.

"After reviewing my options as an expat living in Madrid I got in contact with Counselling Madrid. Ever since my first session I felt I had come to a place that transmits warmth in a very caring environment. For someone who needs guidance I highly recommend Counselling Madrid."  R.K.  (*)

"After having 5 sessions with Joseph to help me overcome some difficulties I have already been given a range of strategies to help me understand and overcome my anxieties. I feel valued and comfortable during the sessions which allow me to speak freely without worry of being judged. I would recommend Counselling Madrid to someone who is seeking suppor
t." C.S.  (*)

"Starting therapy was a big step to take as I believed for a long time I should be able to solve my depression on my own. Looking back starting therapy has been one of the best decisions in a long time." A.L.  (*)

(*) As we are ethically committed to confidentiality we only publish our clients initials.

Counseling Madrid: Well trained therapists, modern offices, convenient locations.
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