THEME ONE - Personal Growth Groups

Experiencing Significant Relationships: during Personal Growth Groups group members create a supportive environment, together with their Group facilitator. It is the self created supportive environment that creates
a drive toward personal growth so strong that groups enable members to develop their true potential. To achieve this each member needs to:

Feel Important and Worthwhile
Experience a Sense of Belonging and Acceptance
Feel Understood
Understand the Purpose of the Group
Share in the Decision Making of the Group
Limitations: Growth Groups will not cure anything. However they can provide a consistent, supportive and stimulating atmosphere for self-growth. The standard length of closed groups is 6 months (approx. 25 sessions). This permits both the individual and other group members to experience maximum benefit as there is little lasting value in brief group experiences.

THEME TWO - Cultural Adaptation Groups
Supportive Environment: the purpose of our Cultural Adaptation Groups is to facilitate efficient integration into a foreign country.
The ongoing general goal and purpose for group members is to increase personal
freedom and autonomy while at the same time to become part of the lives of others by relating
maturely and effectively.
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